Family Matters and Family Law

The breakdown of family relationships can be very traumatic. At Allansons, we understand this. We have an experienced team of specialist family lawyers who can guide and advise you through this difficult time.

We have solicitors who are members of family law organisations such as Law Society Children’s Panel and the Law Society Family Panel, and are accredited by them as specialists in their field.

We are also members of ‘Resolution’ which is committed to developing and promoting the highest standard of resolution of family disputes.

At Allansons we will adopt a positive and constructive approach to your case to minimise the emotional and financial cost to you. We will always take steps to defend and protect your interests. Allansons have a wealth of experience and a strong reputation in this most sensitive area of law.

Divorce and Separation

Divorce now affects one in three marriages, and is a sad fact of life. At Allansons we recognise that no one takes the decision to divorce lightly. However, once you have made that decision, you will want your case dealt with swiftly, and with minimal emotional and financial cost. We will try to avoid a “battle”, especially when there are children involved, as we recognise that after the court proceedings are over, both parties will still need to be able to talk to each other as parents.

Financial settlements, including cases where the assets are substantial.

If you are involved in divorce proceedings, then the court will usually make an order to deal with the financial aspects, which can include orders for the sale or transfer of property, lump sums, maintenance and pension sharing. This can often be daunting. At Allansons, we have years of experience in dealing with this area of law, and a highly skilled team of family specialists who will give you clear advice and represent your interests through initial negotiation to final hearing. If you do not wish to divorce, but still need to resolve financial issues, it may be possible to agree what is known as a “deed of separation”. Our team can advise and assist you to obtain the best possible settlement for your particular circumstances.


We are the members of the Law Society Children Panel.

We are able to assist you with any issue you may have concerning your children including contact arrangement, child maintenance and general welfare of your child.

If you have any concern and require any advice please telephone or complete the enquiry form.