Delayed flight compensation

If you have been excited at the prospect of getting away from it all only to be left frustrated and annoyed by a delay in taking off or if you’ve had a great time on holiday and all the stress you’ve got rid of returns when you get to the airport and all you want to do is get home and you’ve been delayed or worse cancelled or over booked – let us see if we can do something about it for you.

European regulations have put protections in place for consumers and numerous big-brand airlines are facing claims for letting down their customers.

How much could you claim?

The amount you can claim is not related to the cost of your flight, but instead takes into account how long you were delayed and how far you had to travel.

While airlines are legally required to pay out compensation in cases like this, many try to put off potential claimants by refusing claims.

Making a claim

Allansons Ltd., Solicitors, can make a claim on your behalf – challenging airlines and getting you the compensation you deserve.

Simply get in touch with our dedicated claims team today, provide us with your details and we can take care of the rest.