Breach of mortgage contract claims

We recently began working in a new legal area, namely breach of mortgage contracts relating to mortgage payment miscalculations.

Through our work we’ve discovered that significant numbers of people with mortgages may have claims against their lenders. These claims stem from a breach of contract by the lender and form the basis for a damages claim and we are working on behalf of borrowers to claim money back from their lenders.

Might you have a claim?

In order to investigate if there has been a breach on your mortgage we have certain base criteria that need to be met. These are:

* the original loan was for over £100,000

* the mortgage has been held for six years or longer

Making a claim

If you have a mortgage that falls into the above category then we encourage you to be in touch. If we discover that you have a claim, you may be able to proceed on a “No Win No Fee” arrangement.

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